Herrand Associates Wealth Management Singapore, Tokyo Japan

Herrand Associates is committed to providing quality and dependable investment management to investors, founded on a Philosophy of Investment and Investment Approach aimed at producing an unparalleled experience for clients.

Herrand Associates Wealth Management Singapore, Tokyo Japan: Client Experience

 Client Experience


Evaluating Client Investment Issues


In order to provide customized service for every individual client, Herrand Associates advisors collaborate tightly with the client to obtain a thorough comprehension of his or her current financial condition and to pinpoint a continuing chain of investment objectives.


 Client-Focused Investment Profile


With the information, Herrand Associates develops a Client Investment Profile which will be utilized as a road map for every investment need identified to help achieve or address special choices, capabilities and risk tolerance levels.


 Strategy Development


Working closely with the client, Herrand Associates’ adviser will develop several investment recommendations along with meticulous justifications of all prospective returns and evaluation of related risks for each alternative. This procedure allows the client to obtain a well-define perspective of the way each approach will realize their financial aspirations and a sound basis for deciding course of action.


 Strategy Implementation


This procedure involves employing the client's chosen strategy through allocating assets in an investment portfolio. Herrand Associates accomplishes this by integrating the allocation as a unified investment package, enabling the client to minimize trading or acquisition costs and maximizing future client gains


 Continuing Management


Managing client portfolios is a vital part of sustaining the viable implementation of every strategy. With market fluctuations and adjustments of client requirements in time, the weight of assets will tend to move away from the targeted results. Ascertaining the maintenance of preset course of action provides constant protection to client interests, which is done through close monitoring by a dedicated account adviser and occasional adjustments along the way.

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Herrand Associates Wealth Management Singapore, Tokyo Japan’s Investment Process

Investment Process


Due Diligence in the Investment Process


Herrand Associates observes four fundamental tasks in the investment process: Macro Strategies, Manager Research, Client Investment Profile and Portfolio Design.


Asset Allocation Structure


While every aspect of the Herrand Associates investment approach is equally vital as the rest, the procedure is significantly effective in drafting asset allocation guidelines by observing a chronological flow of action.


These four guiding posts utilized by Herrand Associates in its investment strategy assure that every client being managed obtains an investment plan completely in tune with his or her goals and requirements.


  1. Macro Strategies


Using a top-to-bottom approach over macroeconomic patterns, create a wide perspective of economic and market-defined projections. This strategy procedure based on a comprehensive view pinpoints surging investment tendencies and movements toward prospective asset-distribution patterns.


  1. Manager Research


A bottom-to-top qualitative and quantitative research approach is employed to suit manager choice and performance with rising asset trends. Portfolio management knowhow undergoes meticulous evaluation from the very start of the process and continues on.


  1. Portfolio Development


While considering client’s unique requirements, the company allocates assets accordingly to achieve proper balance for the purpose of satisfying minimum to medium to maximum targets.


  1. Client Investment Profile


Herrand Associates considers as a crucial part of the investment procedure the creation of a meticulous client investment profile using an incisive evaluation of how every client devices his or her investment implementation. Herrand Associates wealth experts will diligently assess the level of risk tolerance involved in attaining gains satisfactory to the client.

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Investment Philosophy of Herrand Associates Wealth Management Singapore, Tokyo Japan

Investment Philosophy


Philosophy of Investment


Herrand Associates offers innovative, unbiased investment solutions custom-fitted to satisfy every client’s specific needs. The company employs tested investment strategies founded on meticulous investigation through its experts to build sound portfolios, concentrating on the protection of assets and aiming to achieve maximum returns.


Philosophy & Principles of Sound Investment


Herrand Associates operates around the following principles and philosophy of investment;


  1. Using the powerful tool of compounding returns as a tested medium, Herrand Associates has been enabled to build portfolios aimed at protecting major investments and at the same time taking advantage of risk-sensitive gains for medium and long-term exposures. The company’s investment approach involves a meticulous process to achieve optimum performance and to preserve wealth against anticipated low market conditions.


  1. Asset-based, strategic decisions supported by intensive research and due diligence undertaken by expert financial managers who analyze potential investment returns from sound, holistic portfolio performance. Utilizing a battery of stress tests, highly-promising investments are juxtaposed against a string of determinants that measure the effect of incorporating them to the present portfolio mix.


  1. The company strictly adheres to the philosophy of tailor-fitting its services to satisfy the needs of clients and to sustain success. As an independent financial management services provider, Herrand Associates focuses on satisfying the aspirations and expectations of all clients, whether we talk of their investment goals, liquidity capacity, performance projections, tax limitations or innate risk resiliency.


  1. The company provides sound, unbiased advice to address the highest benefits for the clients. Herrand Associates does not promote or sell proprietary instruments or receive fees from providers of investment services or third-party groups. The company offers practicable advice, sustaining adaptability and consistency with respect to the dynamic requirements of every client. The company receives compensation for our service via a pre-arranged rate, constantly sensitive to the attainment of absolute gains where the measure of success is not market-based but based solely on expectation.
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Herrand Associates Wealth Management Singapore, Tokyo Japan Overview

 About Us

 Herrand Associates is at the forefront of delivering lifestyle financial strategizing, centered on protecting and creating wealth for our clients worldwide.


Sustaining Client Success


From its humble beginnings, Herrand Associates has grown to become a top provider of financial services, focusing on collaborating closely with clients to help them achieve their goals and meet their current financial needs.


Continuing Success for Clients


As an asset manager focusing on providing customized services, Herrand Associates utilizes its status as an independent company to focus resources on the essential and vital main-competency tasks. As the company builds its culture on nurturing sustainable success for clients, Herrand Associates professionals continue to commit themselves to strengthening the quality of its services and transparency.


Protecting the Flow of Global Assets


The Company is all aware of the fact that the investment industry is in a continual flux and retail investors constantly deal with great challenges in the form of growing market fluctuation. Hence, with the increasing organic complexity of the markets, conventional buy-and-hold methods and portfolio management principles cease to be as secure as before.


In response to the dynamic nature of economic realities, Herrand Associates offers custom-fitted asset management strategies aimed at defining and delivering particular needs of every client being managed. The company collaborates closely with the client as advisor through its wealth experts by establishing the unique client future goals consistent with their specific present needs. Taking into account their available current capital resources and their targeted income levels, Herrand Associates delivers to clients creative financial answers designed to protect wealth and achieve growth of asset value.

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