Equity Management of Herrand Associates Wealth Management Singapore, Tokyo Japan


Global Equity Markets


Herrand Associates delivers Equity Management solutions designed to enable clients to produce wealth for their future and their future generations.


To achieve growth of capital within the targeted time frame, Herrand Associates only includes such firms that can substantially deliver the results with the highest value and benefits into the investment equation.


These firms must undergo a strict selection phase and satisfy defined investment parameters and also exhibit solid proof of their staying power for a period of three to five years.


Value-Based Equity Investments


As we focus on value investments, Herrand Associates professionals normally search for medium to large-cap firms whose valuations have not yet been appreciated by the market in general. This is done to maximize opportunities as well as to introduce clients to the advantages of attaining growth, whether the stock price increases or dividends reach above-average industry levels. Moreover, by choosing equities with low values in the market, sufficient protection against short-term volatility becomes an effective risk management tool which is integrated into the equity's price.


Rising Market Equities


While seeking sustainable, high-value returns, we concentrate on rising market equities and top-quality managing firms as vital components of the process to enhance portfolio performance. Because rising market economies are prone to market volatilities within the international environment, proper timing and assets liquidity are primary considerations.


Investment criteria in rising market economies are the following:

  • Firms with proven competitive advantages
  • Firms with a justifiable franchise methods
  • Firms within high-entry and replication-cost areas
  • Firms whose services/products maximize cyclical/secular growth
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