Herrand Associates Wealth Management Singapore, Tokyo Japan’s Wealth Planning

Wealth Planning


Innovative Wealth-Building Services


With its comprehensive view of wealth management, Herrand Associates manages client portfolios and offers expert investment advice along with other financial services, including wealth legacy planning, retirement strategizing and taxation.


Consolidated Financial Structure


In the contemporary wealth-building environment, Herrand Associates adheres to the principle that all aspects of the process are vital and that they must work synergistically and efficiently as one organic, viable wealth approach.


Wealth Legacy Planning


Clients possessing considerable wealth require efficient management that is multi-dimensional and sophisticated. Highly-diversified assets, whether they are tangible or not, need to be managed in a customized manner consistent with an investment plan that considers the future generations as well. It demands a meticulous process involving systematizing assets that, if implemented properly, will produce compounding value-focused returns, designed as an integral part of the entire process.


Since wealth has to be protected or preserved for inheritance purposes, legacy or succession planning involves a crucial aspect that assures effective maintenance of asset value. This succession scheme and implementation process requires the excellent knowhow from financial, legal and tax experts who can provide a holistic succession approach to satisfy client needs.


Tax and Legal


With changing regulations and diversifying financial interests worldwide, the extreme complexity regarding efficient administration of investment ventures has grown. Herrand Associates' tax and legal experts continue to provide clients with services to reduce the effects caused by the unending adjustments in pertinent needs, plus the difficulties encountered by investments located in overlapping political and economic controls.