Herrand Associates Wealth Management Singapore, Tokyo Japan’s Alternative Investment


Clients are given wide access to diversified investment potentials through Herrand Associates’ deep bag of investment approach options to support its selection of fixed income and equity exposure.


An Alternative Method


Investment options include those that exhibit negative correspondence to the more conventional types of investment, for instance, fixed income and equities.


These investments options form part of a diversified portfolio to serve another layer of diversification through allocating assets toward exposures that tend to remain stable during market movements. Such extra investment options tend to provide investors with gains above general market averages.


Hedge Funds


In the past, investing in hedge funds was an exclusive domain for big institutional investors and the super-high net-value individuals. With growing competition and the reduction of strict regulations, retail investors are more capable of taking advantage of high returns form hedge fund investing.


Herrand Associates maintains a committed team of professionals who can identify and observe hedge funds’ performance to offer clients with a list of potential hedge fund choices.




Greater diversification of portfolio can be attained by integrating a selection of commodity alternatives into the existing portfolio. Commodity options aim to achieve non-correlating gains when accommodated along with more conventional asset types, including fixed income and equities investments.


Private Equity


Herrand Associates collaborates with exceptionally high-growth firms in the private sector by providing them with access to private-equity exposures aimed at bringing risk-sensitive gains above overall market averages.


These private equity investments come in short- to medium-term maturity periods and usually demand clients to partner with hedge funds or big institutional investors as capital is sourced out in preparation for IPO issues.

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