Privacy Statement of Herrand Associates Wealth Management Singapore, Tokyo Japan

Herrand Associates values our clients’ privacy as well as that of those who visit this Website. This Privacy Statement clarifies how Herrand Associates safeguards, stores and utilizes the personal records of clients and our Website visitors.


We Will Collect the Following Information


For us to assist our clients effectively, we will require personal information, such as:

  • Name contained in a Passport or National ID card
  • Contact telephone numbers
  • Address of residence
  • Business address
  • Banking transaction information


How to Send Your Private Information


Private information may be sent and stored during the application as a Herrand Associates client. It may also be recorded using the following means of transmittal:

  • Phone conversations
  • Email exchange
  • Subscription to online newsletters
  • Access through internet accounts


How Herrand Associates Stores Your Information


Private information will be stored and safeguarded in electronically and physically. Every proper care and means is taken to assure that private information is protected. Industry standard security measures are established to prevent misuse or loss of private information.


How We Utilize Your Personal Information


Private information may be utilized for the following purposes:

  • To process client-service applications
  • To effectively manage services
  • To conduct controlled model and endurance-testing evaluation
  • To conduct risk evaluations
  • For communication purposes
  • To address relevant complaints and inquiries


When you’re Private Information Is Divulged


In general, Herrand Associates will never divulge private information to third-party providers for whatever purpose. The following, however, are exceptions to this policy:

  • To comply with legal requirements, for instance, to check the status of funds covered by anti-money laundering laws
  • To designated third-party services providers, with the express or written consent of the client concerned


Reliability of Information


Herrand Associates takes proper care to assure that your private information is regularly updated. Clients need to get in touch with his or her account manager for any changes in their personal information.